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Project Description
Field data type converter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

See for more information.

  1. Accepts a CRM Url and credentials, an entity and field, a destination type and various type specific parameters.
  2. Checks whether the supplied entity and field exist and what the field’s existing type is.
  3. Checks whether the source field can be converted to the destination type.
  4. Backs up the existing data.
  5. Deletes the source field.
  6. Creates a new field with the same name and new data type using the supplied type specific parameters.
  7. Populates the data back into the field (converted to the new type).
  8. Outputs a file listing the failures (conversion failures, save failures)

Notes and known issues
  • Tool does NOT recover from catastrophic failures: As the data is backed in "in memory", if a server, network or SQL instance goes down after storing the data and deleting the field, the DATA WILL BE LOST. BACK UP YOUR CRM DATABASE BEFORE RUNNING THIS TOOL.
  • Delete dependencies on the source field: If the source field cannot be deleted manually within CRM, it cannot be deleted by this tool. All dependencies on the field (forms, views, etc) must be manually removed before the tool is run and put back afterwards.

  • .Net Framework 4.0

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